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National Institute of Liver Care & Research

National Institute of Liver Care and Research is established in the year 2017 onwards for the public awareness of Liver Care, to avoid Liver transplantation to the Indian youth. This institution dedicate to the service to the nation of India. This institution gives the medical solution to all types of liver disorders in the field of Electropathy and Natural Cell Theraphy and supported with other Natural Indian system of medicine through qualified medical practioners

This clinic will offer a comprehensive assessment, counseling and therapy for patients with fatty liver. Special packages will be available and patients can seek advice from a liver specialist, dietician and will also be counseled on lifestyle changes, exercise, weight loss etc. Tailored diet charts and exercise programs will be arranged according to each individual's requirement. Patients are also registered for regular follow up to monitor their progress, and will be linked with other specialists like Diabetologist and Cardiologist as necessary.

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